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Housie wont eat

my brown house was eating like a king last season and hes just started moving around the cage after coming out of hibernation, i put a mouse in yesterday and he wanted nothing to do with it. very unlike him as he was normally a very effiecent killer. any advise ???
by Nightadderman
Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:16 am
Forum: Brown house snakes (Lamprophis (Boaedon) capensis)
Topic: Housie wont eat
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Battling to feed . plz advice

I have 3 rhombic egg eaters.Last season all 3 were feeding on quale eggs. just before winter i battled to find any eggs so i took it to my friends reptile shop and he tube fed all 3. i let them go into natrual hibernation. they have come out of hibernation and 2 days ago i put 3 dove eggs. 3 finch e...
by Nightadderman
Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:51 am
Forum: Egg eaters (Dasypeltis sp.)
Topic: Battling to feed . plz advice
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