What To Do HELP!!!!

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What To Do HELP!!!!

Postby Jev001 » Wed Aug 16, 2006 10:11 pm

Hi guys a few weeks ago my mom told me to get rid of all my snakes she got spooked or something i believe but hey i respected her and got rid of them.
But i am a snake addict and I cant live with out my snakes.
So I came up with an idea :lol:
I want to try and build a "reptile room" at my school
In this room i could keep as many snakes as I could plus the school could benefit as i would give them money from the snakes that I brred plus they could use them to show biology students etc
I would be breeding and also aquiring indigenous snakes.
And would also be dealing with lizards and spiders scorpions etc
There is just one thing I need to tell the school why they should let me have this room on the property.
So I am askin you guys for some fun and exciting ideas ANYTHING!
I think that it is quite a good idea.

Please help me
Jev001 :twisted: :evil: :shock: :D :) :o
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Postby arcadies » Wed Aug 16, 2006 10:39 pm

just make it very educational, but fun, my first introduction was some like ur suggesting, at our school they had a burm and a boa in the bio classes.
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Postby Kouthia » Thu Aug 17, 2006 8:49 am

Nice idea but alot of work and what happens to it when you leave the school?

I would suggest you keep working on your mom. What spooked her? Do you keep venomous snakes and was there a close call?

Keep at her and start again small with one or two. Show her you are responsible - try and set something up outside of the house (sometimes its just the fact that they have snakes in the house they dont like).

You need to get it across to her that it is something you are serious about and that means a lot to you. Educate her on the types of snakes you want to keep, where they come from, what there habbitat is etc - show some knowledge.

If there is no danger involved I cannot see why any parent would not go along with it ;-)
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Postby Sean » Thu Aug 17, 2006 9:53 am

If you want to work on your mother start getting some serious reptile related paraphenalia (books, hook sticks, grab sticks, videos, interrupt there tv time 2 watch brady barr or steve erwin tape these episodes and play over and over, go on courses, posters and desktop wallpapers 4 pc and bedroom, snake skins, go out and tell em u off herping cause if u cant keep any @ least u can look @ some in the wild, tshirts, etc.) eventually she will get the hint.

If you plan to do something like this at school you need to find the most likely teacher target (prob biology or scientist teacher) and start working on them so they will take over the supervision and responsinbility once you leave school, once you have a teacher on your side you have a chance. BUT remember that school children will prob want to steal these snakes so you have to take security in to consideration as well.

You will need to get your stories straight and find any loopholes in your cause then patch them.
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Postby repti lord » Thu Aug 17, 2006 10:12 am

I absalutly agree wit kouthia

heres a trick u can try on ur mom it worked with mine first get a lizard like a bearded dragon or Leopard gecko if u hold them enough around her and ask if she wants to hold it eventually she will say yes from falling in love wit reptiles then ask for another snake :D
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