Iguana Training

Iguana Training

Postby wildheart » Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:37 am

All who are owned by an iguana will know just how much effort went into this training. It is almost a year now that Forest roams free in our garden and I have to say that I am incredibly proud of him! Image We have huge trees and I am still shocked that his instinct has not got the better of him YET. It took DAILY training, blocking him, turning him around, picking him up and catching all the crocodile rolls etc. etc. I am exhausted just thinking of it again.Image But he learned, he learned very fast where he was allowed to go and where not, only around the pool, on the stoep by our bedroom, in the 2 separate herb gardens and the garden with the trees are off limits. He is so used to just laying around the pool that the birds walk right up to him and he does not even wink. What happens in this video only happens about 2,3 times a month, he normally remembers to go poop first. I was just lucky that I had the camera with me, I was actually filming my parrot bathing.Image


I was very stupid and planted fennel in the garden itself, I also took him there for a bite - 2009. I realised that it defeated the whole purpose of training him NOT to go into the garden so I removed the fennel. In the beginning of this month Forest wondered off in the direction of the forbidden garden, I decided to follow him and see what exactly his plan was. He walked straight to where the fennel was planted - right at the back against the wall! He REMEMBERED from more than a year ago! Image... to all iguanas out there!

I also trained him to clime in the bath and poop there when the tunnel door is closed.

Just a reminder, my iguana is not an easy going guy. He always try and dominate me and has a solid will of his own. He trusts me, but I will never trust him (dont let that sound bad). I do LOVE HIM with all my heart.Image
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