Feeder Roaches

Feeder Roaches

Postby spiderflowrnina » Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:41 pm

Hi! I am new to this forum and I hope that I can chat to people with many of the same interests as me

I keep tarantulas, snakes, one little bearded dragon as well as feeder insects such as cockroaches, crickets and super worms.
I am also an amateur entomologist so you can take half a guess as to what I love :smt007

I am also a partner in a new business that sells cockroaches as feeders in Gauteng (and will hopefully be expanding soon)
Our website is www.sacockroach.co.za
and our email is sacockroach@gmail.com

We sell Blaptica dubia and Gromphadorhina portentosa , or better known as the madagascan hissing cockroach

Please contact us if you are interested.

Also I am very keen to get a hold of other species of cockroaches for breeding and keeping and maybe selling, let me know if you have any!!

:D :D :D
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