Necroscia punctata - Malaysia

Necroscia punctata - Malaysia

Postby Chameleons » Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:52 am

Here is one of the prettier and more unusual of the stick insects from Malaysia. This species comes in several colour forms - yellow, red and yellow/green checkered like in the photo, with variations of all three. The females walk around for several days with the egg showing as in the photo. The eggs are long and pointed and the female literally rams them into the ground, acting like a pile driver as she keeps banging the egg deeper and deeper. She uses sufficient force that you can hear the operation!
Necroscia punctata800.jpg

Necroscia punctata head800.jpg

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Re: Necroscia punctata - Malaysia

Postby mrtsnakes » Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:37 pm

Very nice species david, i had a few but they did not do to well!
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