RFI: Doringbaai - Strandfontein area

RFI: Doringbaai - Strandfontein area

Postby TH » Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:29 am

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve managed to get out into the field specifically looking for herps, so much so that in the last few months, all I’ve managed to add to my reptile list is Flowerpot Snake (embarrassing, I know…!) although a Loggerhead Turtle that I saw at sea just south-west of Cape Point was also a nice find and the only species I’ve managed to add to my amphibian list is Drewe’s Moss Frog to complete the currently accepted suite of Arthroleptellas… Slow going, but hopefully, things will start to improve now again.

Anyway, I am taking Monday off and we are heading up the west coast for 4 days to be based at Standfontein. This trip is specifically to go and spend some time looking for herps, so I wanted to ask any of you out there that may have spent time in the area from Clanwilliam west to Lambert’s Bay and then north to the Olifants River if you have come across some areas in this region that were particularly productive for reptiles. I am purely a field herper, so only look for them in the field and photograph them in situ. I don’t keep any reptiles and don’t plan to start.

If any of you have some sites that you could recommend, please could you let me know. I know it would be silly to post them here, so please feel free to email me directly at hardaker@mweb.co.za with any info that you might be willing to share. And hopefully, I’ll have some photos to share on the forum once I get back… :D

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards
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Re: RFI: Doringbaai - Strandfontein area

Postby Rhoptropus » Thu Sep 19, 2013 7:36 pm

Just finished up a field trip in the Western Cape and the best spot we found for herps was Jacobsbaii along the coast & in the rocky shale pits. For lizards, found plenty of Cordylus cordylus & polyzonus, Scelotes, Trachylepis, Goggia lineata, Pachydactylus geitje and Afrogeko porphyreus. As for other things, several Chersina angulata, Psammophis notostictus & inornatus, Dasypeltis, and Homeroselaps all within a few hours! Definitely stop by this spot if you get the chance!
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