Please help and advise on GTP system

Please help and advise on GTP system

Postby Eight » Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:13 pm

Hi Guys,

Im planning on getting a GTP and want to start planning and building its adult home. I want to do a natural display. The following is what ive come up with after some research. Please correct me and igive advise/input.
Enclosure: I was thinking building a 90 x 60 x 60 cm glass enclosure with a hinged door. Glass because of the humidity. Where and how should I situate the vents? Was thinking putting vents on each side at the bottom and mesh on top devided into 6 sections I can close up individually as needed? I will stick foamalite on the sides and bottom in winter and can remove in summer. Live in CT where winters are cold.
Heating: Ceramic heater on top and heatpad at bottom under waterbowl or under moist substrate. Both running of a thermostat.
Humidity: Was thinking a automatic mister? Would this be beneficial and necessary with my design?
Potting soil as substrate? With live plants? Are live plants worth it? I believe in the KISS principle. If live plants are the way to go what plants can I use? Ferns maybe?

I can get a GTP from KZN for about R5000. Does this sound right, anybody else with GTPs available. Ofcourse I know ill have to step up the enclosures as it grows and start small but I would lile to start on this now already. Please any and all advise.

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Re: Please help and advise on GTP system

Postby michael » Wed Jun 11, 2014 8:46 am

Hi Eight
You have definitely chosen an awesome species. Personally I this glass is a bad idea. It just doestnt retain heat. Rather look at a properly sealed wooden cage, they work perfectly well. There are some very nice plastic cages on the market too which would also be a good option. Your sizes are fine for an adult. If you are getting a young snake (up to a year old) consider using a tub of about 11lt in size.
Thermostatic temperature control must a must, those ceramic heat emitters get very hot so make sure it is covered with a cage to prevent your snake from getting burnt. The misting systems are a nice idea, but not essential. I mist mine every few days and they are quite happy, once again young snakes need a much more consistent humidity, another reason why tubs work well.
As for substrate I use newspaper, but I definitely think a substrate that holds moisture a little better would be far more suitable. Potting soil can work, just do your research as there are a number of things it should not contain.
As for price, R5000 is a pretty standard price for a green tree python.
Good luck and enjoy your new pet.
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