Bitis gabonica venom potency?

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Re: Bitis gabonica venom potency?

Postby Leon_Kun » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:01 am

This is really becoming a stupid argument.
From having degrees in zoology to debating about experience.
Lachesis mutus you have your opinion and so does Whitelip, and so does BV (who`s advice and insight I will rather refer to as a personal preference).
But seriously, the question asked and the answers given doesn`t match up?
Bitis gabonica venom potency? -> and the answer :
Whitelipp wrote:Well yea its not to be taken lightly. Sorry gaboon 69 shouldve put that down aswell. Was thinking it but never typed it. Gaboon venom is not to be underestimated.Venom yield is plenty and its potent stuff.

Copperbob wrote:There have even been cases of people dying 6 months after a bite due to heart or kidney failure.
I feel very sorry for anyone unlucky enough to get bitten, make no mistake these are very dangerous animals and pain and are the least of your worries!

And this is one of the best answers to the question
Bushviper wrote:The worst adder bite in Africa. The amount of venom involved makes this a major medical emergency. The venom is not as toxic as a puff adders venom however it gives you about 3 times as much so it is like being bitten by at least two puff adders for every strike. The gaboon also has a habit of hanging on, so the amount injected is massive. Treatment starts with 10 to 20 vials of antivenom which is twice what you would use for a puff adder. Recovery without some lingering after effects is rare and most people have heart or kidney problems for the rest of their lives (if they survive the bite).

It`s not comparing it to any other venomous snakes bites, to many variable factors to take into consideration.
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Re: Bitis gabonica venom potency?

Postby Smeegle » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:23 am

Lachesis mutus wrote:Oh yes if forgot you are the one with a degree in Zoology hey??

All rise! A 23 year old lighty with a degree! Just what we all need to save the world!

Dude, most okes on this site were were learning about reptiles when you were still in nappies!

And I still don't see the point of your thread, but then again I don't have a degree so what would I know?

You have made a whopping 10 posts so far on this site, Bushviper has made over 13000. Best you calm down a bit and get some experience under your belt first, your opinions will then count a lot more.
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Re: Bitis gabonica venom potency?

Postby Lachesis mutus » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:27 am

Hahah you can strap off the bombs around you waist hey SA reptiles extremist

I'm really not going down to your level so sorry, I have dealt with narrow minded people like you before its like something that just come with the line of work. On the other hand where would we learn of what not to do? Anyway I like to go around and see what the people know on different forum's etc and this I must say was really, really impressive.

Thanks guys, was absolutely mind blowing!!
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Re: Bitis gabonica venom potency?

Postby Lachesis mutus » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:30 am

From where the pet shop?
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