These people are f*&k*g sick *Not for sensitive viewers

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Re: These people are f*&k*g sick

Postby stretch » Wed May 27, 2009 9:58 pm

Fooble one never knows for sure that the animal that was killed for meat was killed humanely. However SA has laws protecting animal rights and dictating how abatoirs can and cannot slaughter animals, so one hopes that in most cases slaughtering is done in a humane manner. I don't think many people are naive enough to believe this is always the case.

My comment was directed at China's cruelty to animals and lack of animal rights in general, I don't think it makes a difference if its a reptile, dog or a cow that is being slaughtered, but if you are going to kill do it as quickly and humanely as possible .
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Re: These people are f*&k*g sick

Postby Psychogav » Wed May 27, 2009 10:35 pm

Unfortunately due to past famines in China, the last serious one being from 1958-1961 (in which an estimated 36 million people died) the chinese population seems to regard everything that moves as food. Although I do think they can find a better way to dispose of their lunch, I suppose that those that want to eat meat in china have to watch it get dealt with first, which unfortunately doesn't seem to put enough of them off their meal.

Maybe we too need to see what happens to our animals at the abbatoir before we go and purchase our next juicy steak.
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Re: These people are f*&k*g sick

Postby Fooble » Thu May 28, 2009 7:50 am

Psychogav wrote:Maybe we too need to see what happens to our animals at the abbatoir before we go and purchase our next juicy steak.

Couldn't agree more!
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Re: These people are f*&k*g sick

Postby Rishaad » Thu May 28, 2009 7:59 am

Is it absolutely necessary for that animal to still be half alive on a plate before it is consumed and I feel it is not about famine at the present time but purely entertainment as they are even having competitions in regards to it.

When the term halaal meat is used it refers to the animal (non predatory) being slaughtered as quickly, humanely and causing the least amount of pain as possible and they are also a few other prerequisites that are required. There are halaal authorities that inspect these slaughter houses and approve them if everything is in order so yes I would care if it were a chicken that I am going to consume.

I wish that they do get internal parasites and salmonella and vomit the intestines out and kuk out their colons. Some of these people even consume human foetuses and babies and I sometimes wonder whats the next sick thing they will come up with.

I also realise that its not just these people that are sick as here in SA we also have some people who have sick Having sex with a virgin child will cure you of aids or removing organs from people while they are still alive for use in the muti trade. I look at all thats going on in the world and cant help but think that the end of days is nearing quite fast.
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Re: These people are f*&k*g sick

Postby froot » Thu May 28, 2009 9:12 am

I wish that they do get internal parasites and salmonella and vomit the intestines out and kuk out their colons.

Jeepers! Remind me to never get on your bad side!

What makes this really sick is that the pieces of meat are still squirming on the plate and this seems to be the way they want it. As I've said before, as long as the cultivation of the species is sustainable then it's alot more 'ok' than not. It is pretty disgusting though.
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Re: These people are f*&k*g sick

Postby Bushviper » Thu May 28, 2009 10:07 am

This practise cannot be condoned by anybody even if you only eat meat. Humanely killed is the operative word here. Death is when the brain ceases to function and this is what is determined when they pronounce you dead, it is not just your heart beat. I can promise you that this snake still had its heart beating and the brain still functioned. I have been brought snakes that were chopped in half and the heart beats for up to 4 hours after the head is removed. The pupils dilate and reacts to stimuli for up to 3 hours after decapitation. So these snakes were not killed (technically a good surgeon could pull them through) and as such the practise of seal clubbing and whaling would be far more humane.

At abbatoirs animals are stunned and the jugular veins are severed immediately causing the animal to bleed out as fast as possible. This causes the brain to die from a lack of oxygen very quickly. Snake have adapted to survive for long periods of time with minimal oxygen and some snake can even last being frozen solid and having no signs of breathing for months. (Thamnophis and certain Crotalus species in Canada). In Europe some snake have even been found hibernating under water. Chopping off the head is not technically killing the snake. It is considered injuring the snake badly enough that it will eventually die.

Because these animals cannot vocalise or show distress with facial expressions the savages in the video get their rocks off by torturing animals. When the wheel turns and a tsunami hits or a earthquake devastates an area I often wonder whether this is pay back. Bird flu is another example of inhumane conditions of birds and pigs leading to a disease which now affects humans. Like the bumper sticker says "Payback is a biitch"
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Re: These people are f*&k*g sick *Not for sensitive viewers

Postby alexander » Thu May 28, 2009 12:29 pm

By chopping off its head the snake can technically be alive for some time, but when we are talking about cruelty its about what the snake is aware of.
Technically the brain stays alive for 4 minutes in which you would be aware, but in reality the loss of blood and huge income of neurons into the brain cause it to overload and in a sense go into a coma, although you would be aware of the pain for a very short period.

But that is for humans and snakes might be quite different.

The snake will not be aware of you eating its wriggling body though, so theres nothing wrong with that part.

I still think that this is way better than the places that cut open the snake and rip out the heart while its still alive (aware).
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Re: These people are f*&k*g sick *Not for sensitive viewers

Postby Bundu Boy » Thu May 28, 2009 3:11 pm

It's amazing what different cultures find acceptable when it comes to this sort of thing. I for one understand the differences in cultures but I don't for one minute condone inhumane treatment of animals, particularly when it involves 'entertainment' as depicted in that video.

I wonder if those chefs laid their peckers out on the chopping board and did their grisly business, would they be entertained then?
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