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Reptiles removed from animal farm

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Reptiles removed from animal farm

Postby jka » Wed Aug 20, 2014 12:32 pm

Hi guys do anyone on here have any more info about this?

The Kloof & Highway SPCA has removed all the reptiles from the Duck ‘n Deck after finding them in a bad condition.

After receiving a complaint about the Duck ‘n Deck in Assagay, SPCA Inspector, Nikki Vacy – Lyle performed a full inspection of all the animals on the property and discovered six dead snakes and two dead mice housed in small containers in the reptile exhibit.

Geoff Evennett, owner of the Duck ‘n Deck explained that the snake exhibit was a new addition to the animal farm. They were approached at the beginning of the year by a reptile loving teenager who had offered to help them at the farm and offered to use his expertise to help set up the reptile exhibition in an unused hut.
Venomous Rhobic Night Adder in unnacceptable cage with no warning or labels.

Venomous Rhobic Night Adder in unnacceptable cage with no warning or labels.

Having no knowledge of snakes, the owners, Geoff and Cheryl, left the care of the reptiles to the youngster.

“We are deeply grieved over the reptile incident. We took on this project 10 months ago when we were approached by a reptile lover. This person was totally responsible for the feeding and care of these reptiles,” explained Cheryl.

The six dead snakes, according to Geoff, were baby house snakes that the carer had just acquired and was planning on rearing but were lethargic when he got them and had died a few days later but had not yet been removed.

A warning was issued to the owners by the SPCA in terms of the Animals Protection Act and they were given two days to rectify the situation.

Geoff says he tried to contact the reptiles carer, who had been away on school tour for two weeks but was unable to get hold of him. He had been informed by the carer, prior to his departure that the snakes were hibernating and did not require any additional care.

On the follow up visit, no changes had been made to improve the conditions in which the animals were being kept and the reptiles were in need of medical attention.
Burmese Python infested with external parasites

Burmese Python infested with external parasites

A warrant was then obtained and the reptiles and mice were removed from the property by the Kloof and Highway SPCA and taken back to the SPCA for the appropriate care.

Consultant Herpetologist Dr Angelo Lambiris examined the reptiles and some of the cages in which they were found. Dr Lambiris condemned the whole display in terms of accommodation, the condition of the snakes, the husbandry practices and the principles of “educational” exhibition.

Among his concerns was an indigenous Eastern Natal Green Snake which was found to have a spinal injury needing veterinary attention.

This snake had to be humanely euthanased due to the extent of its injury. The larger of the two African Rock pythons was found to be emaciated and dehydrated. Several of the snakes were also found to be anaemic and infested with mites.

Two of the snakes were venomous and some of the other snakes could inflict potentially severe bites to humans.

“This is concerning as this animal farm is advertised as an educational facility for young children and yet most of the reptiles were not identified or marked poisonous or harmful.

“Every cage containing a venomous snake must carry a conspicuously displayed warning of the fact, together with the common and scientific names of the species, the kind of venom and degree of toxicity” Dr Lambiris stated.

“This can be described as serious and most culpable, negligence on the part of the owner or manager of the Duck ‘n Deck”.

Cheryl said that they had a firm arrangement that no venomous creatures will be kept at the facility.

“Due to our ignorance regarding snakes we were not aware that he had brought venomous snakes onto our property. This does not make it acceptable and is no excuse. We have children and would never endanger our or any other child.”

A case of Animal Cruelty will be opened against the owner of the facility in terms of the Animal Protection Act 71 of 1962. Certain of the indigenous snakes required a permit from KZN Wildlife and to date no permits have been produced.

Cheri Cooke, Inspectorate Manager of the Kloof and Highway SPCA said, “These animals were kept in unacceptably dirty and parasitic conditions and some were infested with external parasites.

“The owners of the Duck ‘n Deck were negligent in that they failed to provide these reptiles with their basic needs or veterinary treatment.

“We have responded to 28 complaints about the Duck ‘n Deck from members of the public since 2012. We urge members of our community to please report concerns about any facilities where they feel that animal welfare may be compromised.”

Peter Evernett, Geoff’s father, said in the 13 years of operating they had over 300 000 people pass through their doors, so in comparison the 28 complaints were a small per centage of those who had visited and been happy with the facilities and that not all 28 complaints had been valid.

Geoff and Cheyl said that they have always welcomed the SPCA inspectors and valued their recommendations and completed any corrections that needed to be made.

Cheryl said, “We applaud them for removing the reptiles as we were totally unaware of their poor condition. We have always endeavoured to provide a safe, happy environment for families to enjoy our beautiful farm and friendly animals.”

“We have shared our home with the public for 13 years and can only ask the public to forgive us.

see link below for article with photos: ... imal-farm/
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Re: Reptiles removed from animal farm

Postby scalybunni » Wed Aug 20, 2014 1:09 pm

This is horrible. Kids do not always commit & they were taking a big risk with putting him in charge of them. Shame. :(
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Re: Reptiles removed from animal farm

Postby Ruan Stander » Wed Aug 20, 2014 6:28 pm

I find incidents such as this one very annoying.
It is sad that there are many youngsters out there, myself included, that are actually competent, willing and trustworthy. However, we just never get a chance, even though we clearly see how the guys 'in charge' grossly neglect animals in their care and obviously have very little knowledge regarding reptile husbandry. Not to mention abusing their position to make a quick buck.
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