Kasanka/Lavushi Manda Herping Trip

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Kasanka/Lavushi Manda Herping Trip

Postby Bizzle » Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:58 pm

Hello All,

My name is Bastiaan and I work for the Kasanka Trust Ltd in Northern Zambia, a not-for-profit conservation trust tasked with the management of Kasanka and Lavushi Manda National Parks in Northern Zambia. We have been based in Kasanka for the past 25 years and this area has thus been well-surveyed. We currently boast a good 50 or so recorded Reptile species (including 31 snakes!), and a similar number of Amphibians, but there are still some definite 'gaps' in our records. At four times the size of Kasanka, LAvushi Manda represents a true wilderness, explored and let alone surveyed by very few. Dominated by Mt Lavushi, a 26km rocky ridge and one of the only significant free-standing mountains in Zambia, this National Park no doubt holds many secrets and interesting species due to its isolation, altitudinal variation and variety of habitats.

As a Trust that is forever looking for new ways of expanding our client base and thereby hopefully one day achieving our management goal of becoming financially self-sufficient from tourism, we have come up with an idea. We would like to offer a once-off 10 day catered bush-camping experience to Lavushi Manda and Kasanka to sample our herps and help in the vitally important task of collecting baseline data on the lesser known creatures that call this area home. In addition, participants would be some of the first visitors to enter this remote area of Zambia and bring in some valuable income in the form of bed-nights and such to the Trust that manages it.

This post is meant to gauge the response and see if it would be feasible for us to go ahead and further develop the project and set some dates. It would probably best to email me personally on bastiaanboon@gmail.com as browsing the web does not always work on our rather slow internet connection back in the Park!

Many thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!

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Re: Kasanka/Lavushi Manda Herping Trip

Postby vuduman » Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:58 pm

This does sound like a solid adventure.You should definately post some pictures so people that might be interested ,knows what to expect.
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Re: Kasanka/Lavushi Manda Herping Trip

Postby atropos » Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:36 pm

Looks like this trip could be epic. Some potential gems to be found in the park and some interesting times to be had with Bas. Scraping the pennies together to try and get on this one!
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