what shall it be ???

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Re: what shall it be ???

Postby poobsta » Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:02 am

Its so hard to decide which snake is my favourite as there are soo many beautiful snakes out there. As far as beauty goes I would have to say the temple viper. But my favourite snake would have to be one of the big elapids. Naja Nivea because of its tenacity and 'bring it on attitude' , Naja melanolueca because of its inteligence and Dendroaspis Polypis(No explanation needed)!
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Re: what shall it be ???

Postby Aaxel » Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:53 pm

Mine would have to be the..
Spotted bush snake!
simple.. yet graceful and modest....
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Re: what shall it be ???

Postby lampie » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:31 pm

San francisco garter snake
Angolan coral snakes pair
Ball python female
White lip tree viper female
Californian king snake male
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Re: what shall it be ???

Postby JamesG » Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:24 pm

Are there any rough green snakes floating around SA? The same goes to the San Francisco Garter Snake ?
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