Reporting Ill Treated Animal Owners/Shops

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Reporting Ill Treated Animal Owners/Shops

Postby PsiSan » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:10 pm

Reporting Ill Treated Animal Owners/Shops
Lets make a thread

I must say I am really so sick and tired of this. It just goes on and on, and at the end of the day nothing happens to these individuals/shops. Lets face it the SPCA is underhanded and is clearly more involved with more domesticated animals. But our reptilian friends also need a voice of there own! Let try and make a difference together just buy like maybe making a Topic where we just post pics on how the shops looks and what they are doing wrong. Personally in the town where i stay we have 2 pet shops, one is so over priced you wont believe I can order most of their stock at about half the price but the animals are well looked after, the other is more reasonable, but again it looks like a back room of a meth lab or something, the beardies have even become a black in color and even after some you can even see have developed MBD. They have like 40 other bird species which are looked after 10 fold better, and added that they have now stocked iguanas. This is really sad. Let us do something about this and boycot these shops!!
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