V0.1 Mole snake Care sheet (Pseudaspis Cana)

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V0.1 Mole snake Care sheet (Pseudaspis Cana)

Postby Benjamin » Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:54 am

This is a basic care sheet for pretty much just keeping these snakes. Once I have gathered more info I will make some adjustments.

Temp: 87-78 Day temps, 78-75 Night drop.

Brumation: 50F for 4 weeks

Prey: Quail, ASF, Rats, Mice,( I Prefer to try and feed f/t )

Substrate: News paper or Aspen both with lots of tight hides and enough substrate to burrow.

Breeding: After Visible copulation it normally takes 72 days to give live birth.

Avg. clutch size of an adult female is 25 - 40. Record is 95!

Offer Hatchlings live unscented mouse pinks, If they refuse, offer lizard scented pinks.

Notes: If snake refuses to eat try a live rat fuzzy... they should gobble them right up.
They are shy snakes and should have drapes over there cages to prevent scaring/stressing them out of feed.
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Re: V0.1 Mole snake Care sheet (Pseudaspis Cana)

Postby Rodwraylva » Sun May 01, 2011 12:42 am

Benjamin, could you perhaps let me know what the cage size should be, I am thinking of getting one. I am thinking of getting a mole snake but they grow up to 2m and over so I would like to know what their cage needs are. Supplier has breeding pair, and the hatchlings are for sale. Though my dad does not want me to, due to size and due to their general monotone colour as adults, but I like mole snakes.
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