Chamaelo Ellioti "Care sheet and Info" (Rwanda)

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Chamaelo Ellioti "Care sheet and Info" (Rwanda)

Postby Kennyakagera » Fri Sep 28, 2012 2:14 pm

Hi Guys,

I'm gonna get a pair of C.Ellioti, I heard that the species was pretty tricky and very poorly know as "breeding" wise. So I though I would try them this week end I am going to Lake Muhazi and do some herping where I'm pretty sure I'll find lots of them.
Here are all the information I managed to collect from books, and personal experience with them. So feel free to add anything I would have forgot. Or any advice.

A medium sized chameleon without horns or any rostral process. Ear flaps absent. Tail slightly shorter than the body length.Very prominent gular crest continuing to the belly.
Maximum size is just under 20 cm but usually not growing over 15 cm.
C.Ellioti give live birth (ovovivipar) to 3-4 cm neonates.
Colors highly variable: to dark-brown to very bright brown, blue, yellow, green and often with a broad white, orange, or yellow flank stripe.
In Rwanda very often found high moist savanna and grassland.
Often found close by human population, lake Muhazi on the western side of the country is an easy place to find them.
It is a very though little species that can live at very low temperature as less than 10 C°. But prefers warmer temperatures, 24- 28 c° daytime and between 15-20 c° at night.
Diurnal species, know to be pretty lazy and a master of camouflage. Drinking quite a lot of water form little pools or collecting the morning dew on leaves etc...
Consequently they like having a high level of humidity as 60-80%.
Usaually on low threes, peoples natural fences, bananas plantation and close by water, swamps.
Definitely the most frequent chameleon in Rwanda.


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