Foil Heat Mat To Thermostat Wiring

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Foil Heat Mat To Thermostat Wiring

Postby Luctor » Sun May 10, 2020 4:32 pm

First of all, hello everyone. New to the forum and reptiles in general.

I'll get straight to it. Searched the forums and googled the cr@p out of it and there's no definitive answers.

I need help wiring my foil heat mat to a thermostat. I've tried, and failed. (And electrocuted myself in the process)

The unit powers up fine, no errors. All the settings are correct (as far as I can tell). But the mat doesn't heat up.
It does work though - did a quick test by wiring it directly to the plug and it heated up. (Then forgot it was plugged in and grabbed the exposed wires and got electrocuted [no superpowers])

Thermostat: Microcomputer temperature controller STC-1000 (fairly popular it seems)

Heat mat: Foil, 20cm x 35cm

Purpose: Juvenile leopard gecko temp control.

Viv: 60x60 chipboard box.

I've attached pics of the unit and wiring diagram. Power comes from a 3 prong plug but only 2 wires connected- no earth (don't think the problem is there as the unit powers up fine). I've connected the heat mat to the unit by plugging in the 2 metal things at the end of the mat's wires.

I'm not a fan of electricity and wiring sh!t, mostly because I'm a complete retard when it comes to this stuff. I thought this would be plug and play. Any help would be massively appreciated.
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Re: Foil Heat Mat To Thermostat Wiring

Postby SamkeLamula » Sun Jan 09, 2022 11:02 am

Hey, I'm currently in the same predicament. And I've looked everywhere for the answer without any luck. I see this post was a little over a year ago, did you manage to figure it out? If you did please tell me how, any help would be so appreciated.
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