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Agama Care

Postby LearningCT » Mon Dec 14, 2020 3:28 pm

So long story short I have been scammed!! I bought a "bearded dragon" for my son and a month later, have realised this guy is nothing like a beardie, and turns turquoise every time I try bath him - not a common characteristic of a beardie I know but I was learning (now in hindsight the horror of all I have done thinking this little guy was a bearded dragon, including trying to get him to eat greens to no avail). Turns out I have an Agama. I am in shock and would appreciate any assistance.

1) Are we allowed to keep him?
2) I am confident he has been hand raised as is relatively fine to handle, albeit a bit skittish etc but does not bite (okay once he bit) so I cannot just go release him into the garden correct? Or am I supposed to do that?
3) If we are allowed what cage set up does he need?
4) What bugs does this guy need and where do I find his particular buffet as so far I have read caterpillars, grasshoppers, crickets and beetles (stores sell only crickets)
5) What I thought (size) was a 6 month old beardie, may now very well be an any age lizard ... what do I do? Does he need a vet check? Do vets even deal with Agama's?

Any advice would be very much appreciated
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Re: Agama Care

Postby Westley Price » Thu Dec 17, 2020 8:31 am

Goodness, that is not ideal!

Is it possible to post a picture of your new addition please?

Regarding your questions,

1. You are legally not allowed to keep indigenous reptiles without a permit in any province bar KZN (Assume you're based in Cape Town from your username?)

2. I would not release it without knowing where it was collected. That may do more harm than good. I strongly doubt it was captive bred.

3. I think a cage similar to a beardy setup should work, maybe with a bit more height, as agamas love to climb. Read up on the required lighting as well as this is often overlooked.

4. I am sure itll be fine on a mixed diet of mealworms and crickets, both which you should be able to get at petshops. Remember to dust with vitamins.

5. You could go for a vet check, but I dont think that is necessary.

Hope that helps.
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