my birth draco volans

Agamas, geckos, lizards, monitors and skinks exotic to South Africa.

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Postby xerophak » Mon Aug 27, 2007 8:12 pm

they jump from a wall to another one, is so fast the movement, if they arrive “fly” but very just a short time and quickly.
if your upper sera ma s grand and and but time your to see the action, watches this pic with my friend..

not recommended to do this, for a possible flight, if well stress of the animal is not prepared and,
better not to do!

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Postby Bushviper » Tue Aug 28, 2007 6:53 am

That looks like you should have a butterfly net to catch these lizards.

Fascinating picture.
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Postby Dragon Breeder » Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:00 am

they look so cool

i definately wouldnt try that haha im odgy at catching

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