Ok this proberally belongs some where else..[about petshop]

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Ok this proberally belongs some where else..[about petshop]

Postby FabianF » Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:15 am

This weekend I went in search for my bearded dragon, now I already knew where I was going to get one but I wanted to go take a look at this pent shop again.
So I goto this place, and I've been there before and the quality wasnt too bad, so I go there now, and this old dude is there one of these extremely arrgogant types. Now I am not a expert on dragons but I have done alot of research, before even attempting to get one of them. So as I walked in firstly notice the tank with the females it was over crowded and dirty as hell, and this old dude kept following me like I was going to steal one, so I casually ask him do you have any morphs etc.. he is like no he is importing red ones and green ones (green ones? perhaps they do exist).
Anyways so I ask him from where and he tells me no he can't say..(idiot, I know of mostly all of the international suppliers).

So I then go and take look at his tank with babies, its dirty, with faeces everywhere and over crowded also, so I ask him, shouldn't you seperate some of the babies don't you think they going to start nipping at each others tails and toes, he is like no its a natural thing, it happens.. so I just go oh really. and I can see he is getting a bit annoyed, so I look around the corner where its a sink (dirty), and i see the older babies there, faeces everywhere, granted the dragons where very active and running around maybe because they wanted to get out of there.

So I then ask him why havn't you seperated these ones he is like there is no need, I'm like what about dominance, he is no as long as they are all the same size its ok BULLSHIT, they young but still there toes are missing and parts of their tails also. but while I'm asking these questions this guy is such a prick towards my gf and I, so he tells me no that the colored adults he is importing are very expensive and he won't sell them (did I ask if he was) idiot, he then proceeds to tell me he has 100 babies on the way.

Ok so this is my point this guy is over breading these animals in bad enivoronments and unkept conditions, half the adults where screaming to be let out there, and to make matters worse the birds where also there screeching which cant be good for their stress levels..

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