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Postby Laura77 » Fri Jan 08, 2016 12:02 pm

Can anyone give me some more info on this type likkewaan found on our property? We live in Pretoria East..Leeuwfontein.. my Jack Russel was barking..and when I went to look..i found this.

Are they dangerous?
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Postby immaculate geckos » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:38 pm

this is a Varanus albigularis common names are plentifull including savana monitor white throated monitor and rock monitor. they are not dangerous per say if left alone or given the opportunity to escape. once cornered they will hiss loudly and swipe their tails. ( feels like a slap no broken bones or anything) if all else fails they will bite they have a bad habit of not letting go and its very painful however I have heard vinegar poured in to the monitors mouth will make them release . once captured however they play dead (thanatosis)

not sure on your circumstances but if you can let it go its merry way if you have to move it go to and there should be some one in your area who can help you.
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Postby Bernice » Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:44 pm

Like immaculate geckos said: not dangerous if left be, if you must move them, try shooing or nudging it into a large bucket full of crumpled newspaper with a soft broom, the bucket looks like a hiding place and he will feel safe in there, and will be easy to transport.

Or if you are brave... toss a thick towel or small blanket over its head so it cant see you coming (or give it something to bite), and in a fluid, deliberate movement, grab it firmly around the neck and over the hips AT THE SAME TIME and quickly pick it up, now you can put it in a tub or bucket for safe transport

Mind the claws and tail, they will thrash and they will cut you up if the get hold of you. PS they are heavier than they look...

Alternatively contact Bushviper or Bushbaby, from this forum, they are coordinators of reptile catchers in the PTA area, and can get someone in contact with you.
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