Bearded dragon holiday home wanted

Bearded dragon holiday home wanted

Postby angela lowe » Wed May 14, 2014 12:51 pm

Hi !
I'm a first time owner of a beardie of about 6 months old. We are very attached to him and he gets regular attention. However, I will be outside SA from July 1st until July 30th and do not want to leave Hook with the helper. She is afraid of lizards and i don't even dare to mention crickets. When I go away for 1 or 2 days I prepare little tupperware boxes with crickets and calcium which she only needs to open and drop in the tank with tweezers a couple a times a day. But that is as far as she goes ( no baths, no attention etc.)
Anyway: is there anybody in Pretoria who would be willing and able to take good care of my beardie for the month of July? Of course I will pay for food as well as a daily care takers fee. I would prefer someone in the Waterkloof area of Pretoria who has bearded dragons or has experience with them. Hook brings his own tank.

angela lowe
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Re: Bearded dragon holiday home wanted

Postby Bushviper » Thu May 15, 2014 10:57 am

If you are really stuck by the time July comes you can give me a shout although I live on the other side of Pretoria. 0837399303
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