i failed to see the logic here..

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i failed to see the logic here..

Postby jackwu10 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:23 am

so ye.. there's couple that can have a tiger as a pet.. but we cant have tortoises in jhb..?
i just want any tortoises as a pet.. but i just cant cos i live in jhb... but other can have those big dangerous cat running around in the house..?
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Re: i failed to see the logic here..

Postby Rodwraylva » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:29 pm

Oh no, Tigers are like little kitties and cannot even harm the baby, but a tortoise is a meat eating killing machine, weighing like 300kgs, no way that is safe!

Can you not even get them on permit? Good luck with figguring out that logic, as it beats me...
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Re: i failed to see the logic here..

Postby Bushviper » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:58 pm

The laws will be changing very soon. You can keep a tortoise, just get a legal captive bred animal and apply for the permit.
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Re: i failed to see the logic here..

Postby F1refly » Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:02 pm

Does that include Exotic tortoises or only indigenous?
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