At long last

At long last

Postby Dakota » Thu Sep 14, 2006 1:46 pm

I finally have my very first Leo gecko. My husband thought he would surprise me and bought her last week for me.
Now let me check with you all if I have set her tank up correctly

1. Three hides = one on cool side one on warm side and of cause the
moist box
2. Moist Box = I have used moss, I spray it once a day.
3. Substrat = Ok, I know most of you do not like using this but I am using
calcium sand at the moment. Her toes were getting hooked
in the astro turf. The place where my husband bought her
had calcium sand it her tank so I thought I'll use that for a
while. She seems too enjoy it more.
4. Temp = I have the warm side at 30 degrees.

She is very jittery at the moment so I have not handled her much ( maybe twice this past week but only a second ) She is about four or five months old. I'm just a bit worried about her eating, I've only just put the calcium sand in ( Last night in fact ) and for the past two days she has been in the moist box but she has shed, evidence of that is still on her toes. ( I did get advise on how too get the loose skin off her toes ). Last night was the first time she ate in two days but as I said, only two mealworms. Is it maybe bcoz she is still trying to settle in or is there something wrong? Please help.

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Postby Bushviper » Thu Sep 14, 2006 8:03 pm

Everything seems within normal parameters. Possibly she is used to crickets and not mealworms.

She is technically still a baby and will be a bit jumpy. If you let her climb onto your hand and then off again while she is in her cage she will get used to you. Put your hand flat on the ground so that she does not drop. Try tweezer feeding her and lure her onto your hand. With time she will associate your hand with happy times.

Soak her little feet in a millimetre of water till the "gloves" come off. Possibly you should make the moss box a bit wetter when she is due to shed.

Good luck and enjoy your new baby.
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