Sadly.. Help Needed

Sadly.. Help Needed

Postby JohanR » Mon May 11, 2015 2:04 pm

Hi Guys

I need some help. I am moving to a new home/townhouse and its strictly no pets allowed. After fighting a long losing battle it comes down to me needing to sell some of my animals. I decided to move my BP to a friends house as I can still take care of them from there however I need to sell all my Leo's as I use to give them daily attention and wouldn't feel great if I cant do that any more.

The help I need is for some experienced people to assist me with some prices as I have never wanted to sell anything or even put a price to my animals.. All my lea's are housed separately, daily fed with meal worms and once in two weeks some get crickets. I don't bread any of my animals so they have never mated.

I have the following: Got all Leo's in 2013
Murphy Patternless Female - she was already an adult. Great attitude.
Hypo Carrot Tail Male - He was an sub adult. Great attitude.
Halloween Mask Female - Got as a baby. Great attitude.
Electric Yellow Blizzard Male - Got as a baby. Little bit of an attitude, prob my fav =(
Sunglow Female - Got as sub Adult. Eats meal worms but prefers crickets.
Jungle Bell Albino het Blizzard - Got as a baby. Great attitude.

I will post new pictures of them if needed.

If any one can PM or even watsapp me I would appreciate any info. My number is 082 412 8690
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