Cordylus Mossambicus Questions--Insight and info needed!

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Cordylus Mossambicus Questions--Insight and info needed!

Postby RhacsEtc » Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:12 am

Hello All,
I recently joined the forum because I am going to be acquiring some Cordylus Mossambicus in the next couple of weeks.

Right now, I am expecting 2.2, but hopefully will be able to purchase another few pairs as well.

I know they are an agressive specie, and I only plan to house them in 1.1 arrangments, but I was wondering if some more experienced Cordylus, preferably Cordylus Mossambicus keepers can shed a little more light on the care of these animals.
Here are my questions:

Best cage size for a pair?
Best cage decor?
Best temperature? (Night/day/hot spot/cool spot)
Best diet?
and anything else you guys can think of!

Thank you all,
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Re: Cordylus Mossambicus Questions--Insight and info needed!

Postby Warren Klein » Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:29 am


Rene or Cordylus3 on the forum from Holland keeps these and other Cordylus/smug species and is probably one of the most experienced with these lizards here.

I used to keep them in an outdoor pit with a rockery year round but it was very difficult to observe them so I moved them indoors to monitor them better. I have only kept them in 1.1 pairs or 1.2 trios. In the wild they live in fissures/ cracks in boulders particularly syenite and quartzite. You could keep them in an enclosure with stacked slate rock or even roof tiles but always be sure these structures are secure and will not claps on the lizards. I have used sand and gravel as substrate but I found them to be more comfortable when kept on a solid surface like floor tiles that have been turned upside down exposing the rough side which they can easily run on. I feed them on small roaches and meal worms and add calcium supplement. Provide a shallow water dish and mist weekly. Basking and UVB light are also essential in an indoor setup.

Have a look at this thread to see how Rene keeps them for more ideas. Good luck with them.

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Re: Cordylus Mossambicus Questions--Insight and info needed!

Postby Cordylus3 » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:00 pm

Can Only add not to overfeed them (sit and wait) voragers And i cant express enough that they are solitary living animals keeping them together is riscy, succes depends on the furnishing of the enclosure more then the actual sise of it.
sight barrieres and different basking and feeding spots are a must to keep them both in good condition
good luck with them
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