pre-natal Hydrocephalus in Whitelipped tree vipers

pre-natal Hydrocephalus in Whitelipped tree vipers

Postby ugo » Sun Nov 20, 2011 2:26 am

To cut short a long story, it happened that i noticed a -comparatively- high value of the blood sugar level in 1 of my pregnant females, at first third of pregnacy. (They hadn't received any diabetogenic drugs). Given that this occurrence could evolve into some offsping's pathologies ( hydrocephalus,amongst those) I asked for advices either to an English small Forum i was a membership, and on face book, and also to ARAV by e-mail.
No replies, a part from a few laughs and some sillities like :"Why -or How- did u collect blood samples?".
ok, for several reasons i decided it was better don't treat and it worked well to turn the diet from mice on lizards and frogs.
Anyway something happened and 1 of the new-born snakes showed hydrocephalus and the lambda suture of its skull failed to close.
As for fecal examinations either of the herps and of the food (that i hope every responsible Keeper is able to perform routinary by her/him-self) i strongly advice for random routinary blood-chemistry examinations.

ps : micro-biopsy, after the delivery, showed pancreas cells were normal.


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Re: pre-natal Hydrocephalus in Whitelipped tree vipers

Postby shadowfoot » Sun Nov 20, 2011 3:10 pm

Shame, poor little snake. If snakes get the same symptons as humans do then that snake went through a very tough time.
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