New to White Lips and Venemous

New to White Lips and Venemous

Postby DeanKoupe » Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:42 pm

Hi all

Hoping to get some valued information here

I bought myself a baby White Lip on Saturday (female) along with an Exo Terra tank. Will post pics below..

I have a heating pad underneath a portion of the terrarium, a water bowl in the centre of the tank, and I am misting the terrarium every night when I get home from work. There is no condensation build up on the glass of the enclosure, does this mean there is not enough humidity?

My digital thermo-hygrometer is currently (22:25) reading at 25.6 degrees celcius and 75% humidity. IS THIS SUFFICIENT?

Do White lips need a lighting fixture on top of the terrarium?

Can I put a baby male with the female at this young age, or do I run the risk of them biting one another?

(How do I upload photos within the 200kb limit?)

And lastly, is there anywhere I could get small geckos and/or frogs,toads or tadpoles locally to keep natural feeding for the White Lip?

Any help and advice will be much appreciated, looking at giving the snake the best care possible.

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Re: New to White Lips and Venemous

Postby moe » Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:18 am

The humidity sounds perfect u can even let it drop to a minimum of about 60% the ambiant temps need to come up abit i found my whitelips thrive btwn 27-29 degrees ambiant.

It is not advisable to house snakes together always a risk.

Feeding geckos and frogs etc is illegal with the whole indigenous thing...

The best thing to do is to start feeding pinkie parts tease feeding,assist feeding the whitelips will take to rodents but it is alot of effort.

What has worked for me was scenting the pinks with guppies.

Im not experienced at all but have kept whitelips

Hopefully a more experienced member can help you out.

Good luck
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Re: New to White Lips and Venemous

Postby reptile » Tue Feb 03, 2015 3:51 pm

If you are using windows... right click on the pic. select open with. Select Microsoft office picture viewer. The picture should open. Now right click on it again, select edit and then resize on the colum on the right. select any of the sizes given. I normaly use 800x600. If you have a mac then I can't help... sorry.
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Re: New to White Lips and Venemous

Postby Urucone » Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:43 pm

You can scent a pinkie with a gecko's tail, gecko's loose their tails so there is no cause for any unnecessary deaths.
White lip female have an aggressive feeding response, so rather keep them separate, be careful for heating from a light fixture it could dry the air, exo terra cages has ventilation holes at the front that help prevent condensation.
winter is on it's way and a heatpad isn't going to be enough, there are breeders out there that remove their snakes from their cages and place them in a tub heat rack system for winter.

I would advice you to invest in a thermostat, it helps more than most people think and it gives you peace of mind.
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