monocled cobra breeding

monocled cobra breeding

Postby babrepti » Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:14 pm

hey all

Just thinking about breeding my newest pair of albino monocled cobras(have 2 pairs now), had a bit of trouble with last season :smt017 . Would like tips from anybody who has bred these before ?

Have had a great success rate with snouteds, mozi spitters , rinkhals and most of other stuff i have tried to breed .

My first pair of monocles only gave me 6 eggs, and of those only 1 survivor :smt022 , and all my other eggs from other snakes hatched(same incubator).

So ya when the times comes i hope to have 2 pairs breeding, lots of eggs and many babies.

Thats that, any advice would be taken well
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Re: monocled cobra breeding

Postby deleray » Thu May 07, 2009 11:46 am

Not much out there but you can take a look at a snippet from Ricihard Mastenbroeks page on non-spitting Asian Naja.


To breed these two species of cobras is in my opinion not the hardest job to do, I tried different methods and all seem to work quit well.

All cobras of the Naja complex are oviparous and lay 8 – 28 (max. 45) eggs in a clutch. The eggs are laid 60 – 100 days after oviposition. Depending on the incubation temperature will the eggs hatch after 48 – 60 days. The hatchlings molt for the first time after 2 – 11 days. The egg size is aproximaly 47 – 55 mm x 22 – 35 mm. Hatchlings are 12 – 27 cm by birth.

To get the adult cobras to mate did I use different methods, all the things that I tried didn’t make a big difference at all. Personally I think that these animals don’t need a hibernation period to make influence on there mating behaviour. Still I use to give them a sort of wet season from October till January. In this fake wet season do I also play with the temperature. Out of experience I found out that when I don’t provide the snakes with this wet period they still mate. The only difference I could see is that there is a bigger change of a second clutch of eggs in the same season when I give them this wet period.

I incubate the eggs in a dry incubator on a temperature of 28 - 320C. The humidity level is around 70 – 80% and can be influenced with spraying the eggs.
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Re: monocled cobra breeding

Postby dendroaspis » Thu May 07, 2009 2:11 pm

What I do is spray the cage and pretty much the room they are in, to "simulate" a wet season. But then the whole room is concrete and the cage is built out of bricks, making it easier :)
Have had fair results thus far.
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