Pregnant H. Mabouia

Pregnant H. Mabouia

Postby VenezuelanGeckos » Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:27 pm

Hello, this is my first post.

I live in Venezuela, where geckos like H. Mabouia are quite common.

I've been taking care of a Juvie gecko of this species for about 2 months with quite good results, she has grown 2 cm in less than the 2 months with me (when I found her she was running from another, and bigger, gecko).

Now, yesterday I found another H. Mabouia, but this time she is a fertile adult (I guess) since she has quite a belly and 2 white-pearl points on her belly. although she is quite thin on the legs and her tail (I found her yesterday and Ill feed her crickets and everything as they should). Since I saw her in that state I decided to give it a try and get her fat and healthy and quite try to get the babies and raise them.

Any advice on taking care of that little critter? be adviced: many products that I know they need aren't found in my country and I've taken care of them by using my imagination and trying to replicate many things with household items.

the pictures: I'll add them later when I'm home.

2 Female H.Mabouias
1 Male G. Vittatus.
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