Piscivorus Conanti

Piscivorus Conanti

Postby mwd45 » Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:38 am

Sorry, no pics of this one. I got a call earlier from my father who found a Cottonmouth at work today.

I am impressed to say that as scared of snakes as the old man is, he and some co-workers (one being a seasoned Handler) were able to catch it and release it back in the wild.

I know that's seems relatively normal to most (catching snakes). However, the norm for most people here is to kill any snake. I have heard of Corns being killed as Copperheads, and Banded Water Snakes for Cottonmouths.
And some just kill them because they think a good snake is a dead one.

Certainly, giving a little education can go a long way in preservation! I have to say that this is a score for the good guys!
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