the cheapest rack ever

the cheapest rack ever

Postby ugo » Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:26 am

Perhaps the keepers' tam-tam and Radio-Keepers already informed u : the cheapest rack system ever comes from.....IKEA
It's an item called 'ANTONIUS', of course it wasn't thought for our pourpose, but it works very well with a few lesser adjustments.
U have to buy :
2 Antonius skeletons (about Euro 14 each) (i use 2 of them 'in parallel')
12 Antonius 'low' boxes (centimeters 42x53x15) (about Euro 4.50 each) or
6 Antonius 'high' boxes (for arboreals) (centimeters 42x53x30) about Euro 6.50 each)
and U need
12 (or 8 for the high boxes) glasses centimeters 42x53x0.4
7 hearing stripes (CENTIMETERS 100 X15 25 W)
1 thermostat
U have to make holes in the boxes
And U will have it working in less than 1 hour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It works fine with P. regius and similar; i use it also for M. viridis, Aspidelaps, Trimeresurus, Parias,
many juveniles Morelia spilota spilota , etc.
all my equipements come from M&S from the thermometers, hygrometers, hiding boxex, infra-red thermometers, to their integrated THERMOSTAT+TIMER+CLOCK wich allows u to choise 3 temperatures/day, and TRUST me,it MAKES THE DIFFERENCE !!!!!!!!!!

I donno how many photos now this Forum will allow me to load to show it, anyway, please fell free to contact me by e-mail
and i'll send u plenty of photos with several details.
When i'll have a little more time i'll post some of my thoughts and fears about the 'phylosophy' of the rack systems.
Nice week-end Everybody
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