Incubation tub sizes

Incubation tub sizes

Postby ewertb » Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:16 am

Hi. I'll be doing my 1st breeding season this year so have no idea what size various reptile eggs are and what sized container I might require to store them in the incubator. This will resultantly also dictate the size of the incubators I need to build. Specifically, what size tub will hold a standard clutch of ball python eggs along with the incubation medium? Also, what size tub will hold a pair of AFT gecko eggs with the incubation medium?
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Re: Incubation tub sizes

Postby Mitton » Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:51 am

Gecko eggs are tiny so you can just use the medium size deli cups.

Ball Python eggs can just go in an 11L Addis tub, should be more than enough space for the eggs.
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