1st Corn Snake

1st Corn Snake

Postby Eyenurse7 » Fri Mar 20, 2020 4:07 pm

We got a corn snake from friends, not sure about the sex or age. She is beautiful and seems healthy. We received her in a glass vivarium with a hide and a water bowl, nothing else to amuse her. The vivarium is in bad shape and my husband is going to build her a nice big wooden vivarium. We are new snake owners and not very clued up on what to buy with regards to a heating day and night light and the thermostat. What would you recommend to put on the floor to make it waterproof for spills and poo, vinyl or AstroTurf? We plan to put in some aspen substrate? She has been surviving without any of these up until we got her 4 days ago, but I would love to make her environment as cozy and healthy as possible. Any suggestions?
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