importing snakes ??

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importing snakes ??

Postby Reptile-Cage » Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:28 pm

Hi all. What is the process used to import snakes into south africa? How does it all work? I'm interested in finding out, as I want to import new morphs of kenyan sandboas maybe later on. Thanks
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Re: importing snakes ??

Postby krah » Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:16 pm

Lots of complicated paperwork for cites permits from what I managed to figure out, although that was for ballpythons. I gave up as it seemed to complicated and costly, but Im sure members here know the exact procedure and can assist you.
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Re: importing snakes ??

Postby Vrakkie » Sat Apr 25, 2015 4:16 pm

Hi There
Am not sure if this will help but this is the procedure I follow when I export from South Africa into Philippines.
I would think that the process will be slightly different from each county but the best will be to find out from all relevant parties.
Remember although I export from here I stay in Philippines so actually importing INTO Philippines as you would import to SA.Just try and follow the process in reverse.
This is how I do it from SA

1. Get a reputable buyer from which you will purchase. (Captive breds are by far the least of trouble)
2. Apply for an export permit as the importing country will NORMALLY only issue an import permit after you have export clearance
3. Receive export permit
4.Have a vet examine and clear your pets for parasites.
5.Apply for CITES as KSB should be CITES II when I last checked
6.Apply for Import permit from Philippines submitting the supporting documents.
7.Receive import permit (and Quarantine clearance)
8.Take snakes to reputable Animal service ( I make use of Animal Travel).They do all the paperwork to get your pest onto your flight.

In SA import,I would suggest you contact the Cape Nature org to have import requirements.
But my guess is and this is only a guess that they will also first ask for export permits from your exporter abroad before they issue an import permit.
Usually the exporter will provide the documents such as export permit,VET clearance,Quarantine clearance etc and charge a quite hefty fee.

But It is possible.
The process in my experience is not difficult but time consuming and follows a defined sequence of events.
And quite expensive if you are a sole buyer.The R/$ exchange is pathetic and some places in the USA charged around $400 for Fish and Wildlife to do all the paperwork from their side.Try and ask a friend or 2 to club and get more snakes and split the cost as they charge per consignment.
But do not lose hope.I am exporting (importing into Philippines my 3rd shipment of snakes).Once you get it done the first time and gain trust with all the authorities,imports become easier.

Hope it helps and good luck.
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