murphy patternless leos

murphy patternless leos

Postby immaculate geckos » Sat Jan 09, 2016 9:57 pm

Hi everyone

If you would like to purchase or take a look at pictures of this morph please follow the link below.

Most of our geckos available this year will be Murphy patternless.
Here is a brief history and a few reasons why this simple recessive trait still remains one of my favorite morphs.

It was created by Pat Murphy in 1991 an retailed for $2500 when it first became available. Now however they are only a few hundred Rand.

When they hatch they are white tan and yellow but by ten months the pattern has faded away to a variable colour between yellow and a deep purple.
They are the only morph that seems to change colour daily ranging between yellows and dark purple for reasons unknown.
One theory is to do with their moods like a mood ring.
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