Blue headed tree agama babies, care

Agamas, geckos, lizards, monitors and skinks indigenous to South Africa.

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Blue headed tree agama babies, care

Postby ChrisMans » Mon Feb 18, 2019 1:27 pm

My first post here

So I found aight agama eggs in the garden and aight more in a sand heap
I transferred them to a safehouse I made of n 210 l plastic drum.
The first clutch of 8 agamas hatched yeasterday and now there is 7 youngens
I would like to get them eating and about a month strong before I free them into the gauntlet of lifes obstacles.

So what do I feed them. They dont seem to want the ants and earthworms
Im going to get them petshop crickets and mealworms?
Any Ideas

Sorry if this is a topic already touched on, but I could not find a clear answer.
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