Mandarin or Bamboo rat snake availability?

Snakes exotic to South Africa commonly known as non-venomous.

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Mandarin or Bamboo rat snake availability?

Postby MISA » Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:32 pm

Greetings fellow herpers,

The itch has struck again, I just couldn't stay away, :D Am back on the hunt for some new additions to my collection..

Am curious to know the availability of the above here in SA, am pretty sure there are some people out there with these beauty's?

So the big question is: Does anyone have or know of some Mandarin or Bamboo rat snakes up for sale now or in the future?

I'm road tripping up to the March Expo in hope of finding some new addition for my collection, so am holding thumbs I get word of some up for sale..

If you do have some and are willing to sell but don't want the world to know, (you can pretty much name your price with in reason) please inbox me,


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