The Fall of the Online Reptile Forum?

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Re: The Fall of the Online Reptile Forum?

Postby Bushviper » Thu Mar 19, 2015 9:30 am

Well there you have it. I must try that.
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Re: The Fall of the Online Reptile Forum?

Postby Savu » Thu Mar 19, 2015 7:55 pm

Ok tks. I think I understand what you mean. But can you post pics from your cellphone? That's what I was referring to.
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Re: The Fall of the Online Reptile Forum?

Postby Sico » Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:16 am

Guys have posted pics from their smartphones on this forum before. I personally can't advise how to do so, as I wait until I am on my computer to upload and have no experience in it. I am sure if you google "how to upload pictures from mobile phone to web forum" or something similar you will find some information. Best I can suggest.
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Re: The Fall of the Online Reptile Forum?

Postby Emerald » Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:40 am

Hi guys,
I'm new here and have been going through past topics and posts for the last couple of days and honestly what you guys provide on this forum is priceless.
I've been herping for some 15 years now and really started lacking on studying and keeping up my knowledge and since being on this site I've been re-inspired and am reading and studying again, just too let you all know its something you cant just buy in a shop.

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